Friday, July 5, 2013

Rising Sign Fashion

I found a few pinterest boards on fashion for the sun and rising signs:


Here are some other style elements of the signs:

Here's what he has to say about my Sun and Rising:

"SCORPIO. A fashion is one of means how to underline the sexual appeal for many young Scorpios. The fashion which is chosen by Scorpios, has aggressive character, also as well as Mars, the manager of this Zodiac sign. Women-Scorpios love the fitting clothes underlining a figure, every possible inserts, cuts, a decollete.... Representatives of this fixed sign gravitate to classical style. Their criterion of selection is especially complicate cut lines, rich furnish, well executed details. The suit of Scorpio can look pompous and bulky, but never cheap. Scorpios love to use expressive accessories in individual style, such as embroidery gold and silver, laces, a braid, the arms and symbols.

Pluto influence in fashion horoscope is shown in ability in the unexpected image to beat old things, to use all their qualities in a new kind. An expression «New is well forgotten old» concerns to Scorpio’s manner to put on. Scorpios like to update old things and to use their qualities in a new kind, such as, for example, boiled jeans, shabby boots, a leather jacket with effect of artificial ageing. They choose natural materials, but with special processing.... Preferable materials are natural, but with development, a difficult interlacing. Their extravagance is shown in any effective ornament — from jewels or with especial, magic value.
SAGITTARIUS. A fashion is the phenomenon social, and Sagittariuses completely confirm this position. Jupiter, the manager of a sign, imposes certain obligations in individual style of it's subordinates. To be fashionable simultaneously means to be accepted in a society, to show the success and a prosperity for many women-Sagittarius. That part of Sagittarius which aspires to a recognition by all means, gets clothes prestigious and known firm irrespective of, there is she him or not... 

The clothes of great volume are typical for Sagittariuses: the A-silhouette, free capes, swinger-jackets, knitted cardigans, jackets with a double-breasted fastener, large details and expressive furnish, collars a la Maria Stewart. Mutable nature of the sign shows itself in it. It is necessary to note a special negligent manner of carrying: a raincoat thrown shoulders, a coat with beaver collar wide open. The materials reflecting influence of Jupiter in fashion horoscope are velvet, velour, plush, brocade, fur with long pile, large brilliant buttons, pastes.... Dark sated colors such as crimson, claret and violet suit to men and women of this sign."
Sagittarius Style

Here's what I pulled onto my own board for Sun Scorpio, Rising Sagittarius:

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