Thursday, July 11, 2013

Putting it together...

You may want to blend your Rising sign with your Sun Sign.

Here's my example, Rising Sign Sag with Scorpio Sun.

Sagittarius is Mutable Fire and Scorpio is Fixed Water.  So while my rising sign is very active, it needs to be sedated a bit by the water (and fixed) quality of my Sun.

Sagittarius hair can be brunette to auburn, whereas Scorpio can be deep brown to black.  It's interesting that I try to go between all these colors... and black is too dark, esp. in compromising the two.

Sagittarius hair should be layered, whereas Scorpios should be well shaped and feminine...

Sagittarius color is Purple and Scorpio is Red, two of my favorites.
Sagittarius ask for volume, plush textures and comfort,
while Scorpio like vintage with fine details and some spice.

Purple Means:

Colors ruled by the Sagittarius sign
The enlightening color "Purple" is ruled by Sagittarius. It symbolizes transcendental experiences of all sorts. The purple color of Sagittarius:
1. Promotes enhanced intuition
2. Encourages cooperation
3. Enhances spiritual awareness
4. Advances communication with the soul
5. Encourages optimism
Red Means:

Colors ruled by the Scorpio sign
The penetrating color of "Dark Red" is ruled by Scorpio. It symbolizes power, sexuality, and passion. The dark red color of Scorpio:
 1. Releases old karmic anger
2. Encourages intensity
3. Enhances sexual passion
4. Increases determination and drive
5. Provides an increase in enduring energy

Why the colors for the signs?

Everyone can wear red....

You're not limited to the two colors associated with your sign.  
You can also incorporate the colors for any of your planets, depending on your intention for the day.

For example:

I can wear Purple the color for Sagittarius, not only when I am public speaking, but because it's also my moon sign, for feeling better about myself, and for dance wear and makeup colors because it's my Venus sign and for hats and again for cosmetics because it's my Mars sign.  This is great, since my eyes are green and it's the correct complementary color for eyeshadow!

I can wear Red the color of Scorpio, not only for energy and decision making, but also for pens, pencils and cell phone case, as it's my Mercury sign and for altar space and generally connecting with Spirit as it's my Neptune signs.

My Jupiter is in Cancer, and it's also my chart ruler, so I can wear silver and white for spiritual practice, but also for a banner or logo.

For work attire, I can wear my Saturn sign color, that of Pisces, which is lavender or sea green.  Hmmm...... will have to think about that.

My Uranus and Pluto are both in Virgo, which is navy and green, for socializing and delving deeply into subjects.

Which sign is each of your planets in and it's color?
  1. Ascendant Sign/Color: __________________Dress in your Rising Sign color when you need to put up a good front, when speaking or performing 
  2. Sun Sign/Color: ____________________ Sun Dress in your Sun Sign color for  energy, decision making, focal point
  3. Moon Sign/Color:____________________ Dress in your Moon Sign color to feel better about yourself, improve self-image, to feel peaceful and secure
  4. Mercury  Sign/Color:____________________ Use your Mercury Sign color for Small accessories, pens and pencils, cell phone case, calendar
  5. Venus Sign/Color:____________________ Wear your Venus Sign color for party or dance wear, in accessories, lipstick and eye colors 
  6. Mars Sign/Color:____________________ Wear your Mars Sign color for protection, anything for the head like hats, cosmetics 
  7. Jupiter Sign/Color:____________________ Wear your Jupiter Sign color for Sunday best, spiritual practice, in your banner or logo, ceremonies 
  8. Saturn Sign/Color: ____________________ Wear your Saturn Sign color for uniforms, suits, work attire, to be taken seriously, watches
  9. Uranus Sign/Color:____________________ Wear your Uranus Sign color when hanging out with friends, joining a group, special occ. At clubs 
  10. Neptune Sign/Color:____________________ Wear your Neptune Sign color for meditation and prayer altar, around your bath, for peace and to connect with spirit
  11. Pluto Sign/Color:____________________ Wear your Pluto Sign color when you must delve deeply into any subject, when visiting your therapist 

Rising Sign Fashion

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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