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Reader's Comment

Reader's Comment
 "Wow. I love your blog. You really dig deep and show that this is more than a surface game. I was particularly touched by this post and also the post you did on the "bold" topic for type 4's. Something I notice as a type 4 is this: For some reason the term "stunning" in reference to beauty bothers me. I've seen stunning people of all types. I believe the intention was to say that type 4's have a look that stands out. I'm not sure what a good term is for this: but stunning for some reason seems to suggest that type 4's are more attractive than other types: and I take issue with that. I believe that is why many people are either gung ho or have reservations about being a type 4. Some would like to think they are more "beautiful" than others and then there are those who may be aware that they stand out but that doesn't necessarily mean they are stunning beauties. 
So I looked up "stunning" and the definition online says this: 
Of a strikingly attractive appearance.
See that "attractive" word...mmmm"                  S WC   

I totally agree.  I wrestle with the realization that I've absorbed societal stereotypes of beauty.  Supposedly most models are T4.  Do we really thing models are the barometer of beauty? or are we subjected to doing so?  I will admit with remorse that sometimes I realize I don't want to be T2 and fight for my T4 aspects because I don't want to be frumpy.  I only relax when I realize I do like to be comfortable in my clothes.  We all desire to be beautiful, and it is sad when we fall into thinking one type has the corner on that, and another doesn't.  The point is to find our beauty in our true selves.

*I think the word used is striking though. (Attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent.)

I love what Ani DiFranco says in this song, because the prettiest girl is also envied. 

and god help you if you are an ugly girl
course too pretty is also your doom
cause everyone harbors a secret hatred
for the prettiest girl in the room

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


SWriter said...

Thank you for responding...

And "frumpy" for type 2...that word bothers me as well.

You can be comfortable and not frumpy. The challenge is in finding the designers who resonate with these types.

Before writing this post, I was looking for an examples of people who do "Type 2" well. I'll have to familiarize myself with this type some and come back with examples.

I truly believe you don't need to be frumpy. I believe some of the Eileen Fisher designs work beautifully for Type 2's and can be easily accessorized. I think using handmade accessories found on sites like ETSY would enable a type to get a more individual look.

Thanks so much for responding. I really appreciate it.

SWriter said...

Hi Jane,
Well I'm back. Here is what I think will help with any type to maximize their style. I know this blog is about the systems; but my intuition was telling me that I think one needs to know just a little more. This is the missing piece.
Imogen Lamport a stylist on You Tube has 4 videos which I think will be helpful.Since there are limitations with using html tage with blogger, I'll give the names of the videos. You can check them out under her You Tube name: Imogen Lamport.
1)The most import video is: Dressing With The Golden Mean.wmv
This video addresses how to layer clothes on the body proportion to the body. I think she explains it in a simple way for the lay person to understand.
After that video, browse these 3 other videos in any order.
1)How To Layer
2)How to Style Up Your Outfit
3)Where to Hold Your Handbag

P.S Imogen Lamport uses the tonal systems for doing color analysis instead of the seasonal system. Even though she doesn't get into the energy essence, she seems to have an innately intuitive way of putting colors and styles together. Who knows? Maybe she senses the essence...I don't know. But she is one of my favorites on You Tube.
I looked over the Type 2 and notice there's a lot of things that flow. What I'm thinking is that the type 2 may have to be more in tune with how to balance the flow on the body so that scarves and dresses don't just hang and look frumpy. Anyway, thanks for all your work.
Perhaps you'll want to add these videos to your blog on the sideboard for those who want to learn more about "how" to wear their essence. I think that is what is missing from so many of these systems. If I can think of anything else, I'll post more.
Thanks again.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

I love Imogen Lamport :)

Jane Leu Rekas said...

P.S. I just posted my pinterest boards for each type, and the lists end with my own twist on each type, such as:

SWriter said...

Ok. Going to check it out. Thank you.

SWriter said...

Luv it! yes Type 2 not so girly is the bomb. Wow. Now I want to be a Type 2 ;-)

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