Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to find Astrological Look-alikes
If you look though my astrology tab, you'll find some links to celebrities by their rising sign.  The rising sign, or Ascendant, is said to be the largest influence on our appearance.  Look at the celebrities with your rising sign to see if any look like you.
My Rising Sign is Sagittarius

Then I list the influences of having a planet near the Ascendant, or when we say the planet is rising.

I have Moon, Mars and Venus rising.

You can also go to Astrotheme and look up celebrities by any number of criteria:
Advanced Search

For example, once you have your own chart, free from, you can look for celebrities with your Sun and Ascendant (AS), or Moon and Ascendant (AS).  If you want to find Ascendant, Sun and Moon, do the following:

Choose the multicriteria option:

First choose your gender, then:
  1. put in your Ascendant (AS) Rising sign
  2. check the box to add a criterion
  3. put in your Sun sign
  4. check the box to add a criterion
  5. put in your Moon sign
  6. click run
You can vary this of course.

If you have a planet rising, you may add this by choosing the name of the planet and putting it in House I.

If you list is too short, run the report again with only two of the criterion or go back to these two choices:

For example, if I run my Sun and AS (Ascendant), which is Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Rising:
Then I scroll through the celebs until I find one that looks something like me.  Here is singer, Mauranne:

or my Moon and AS, which is double Sagittariu
Here is french journalist, Véronique Mourousi and Elisabeth Huppert

Not being satisfied, I tried Sagittarius Rising with two of my rising planets:

See more examples Labels: 

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