Friday, June 21, 2013

Re-Inventing Your Wardrobe

If you know your Type, or you are experimenting, one of the first things you're going to start doing is evaluating the clothes in your closet and seeing what works, what needs to be put in storage (don't throw it out right away!), what you need to buy, and what could be modified!

This post is about how to modify your wardrobe, so you can get the most out of what you already have.

Here's another link on how to UPCYCLE your clothes.

Mostly how to change color, but also design lines, etc.

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Type 1                                                                     DIY Type 1                 

these are dip dyed

How to Mix Your Own Custom Colors

500 Warm Red: 2 Tsp Tangerine, 1 Tsp Scarlet, 1 Cup Water
80 Coral Rose, 1 Tbs Golden Yellow, 1/8 Tsp Cherry Red, 1 Cup Water
Tinted Yellow 75 2 Tsp Lemon Yellow, 1/8 Tsp Tan, 1 Cup Water
586 Seafoam, 1 tsp Aquamarine, 1/4 tsp Kelly green
Tinted Blue 198 1 Tsp Royal Blue, 1/2 Tsp Teal, 1 Cup Water
Tinted Purple 473 1/4 Tsp Purple, 1/8 Tsp Navy, 1 Cup Water

Trying on T1

Type 2                                                                   DIY Type 2                                                                 


How to Mix Your Own Custom Colors

Pink: 116 (1/2 Tsp Petal Pink, 1/4 Tsp Taupe, 1 Cup Water)

Cool Red: 133 (1 Tbs Fuchsia, 1 Tsp Violet, 1 Tsp Dark Brown, 1 Cup Water)
493 1 Tbs Wine, 1 Tsp Tangerine, 1 Cup Water

Toned Orange (Salmon?) 79 1 Tbs Golden Yellow, 1/2 Tsp Cherry Red, 1 Cup Water

Tone Yellow (though T2 doesn't really wear yellow) 49 1 Tbs Lemon Yellow, 1 Cup Water

Toned Green 227: 1 Tsp Teal, 1 Tsp Kelly Green. 1 Cup Water

Red-Violet: 431, 354, 169, 389, 430 (too many to list)

Purple: 525 (1/2 Tsp Navy Blue, 1/8 Tsp Wine, 1 Cup Water)
Blue-Violet: 164, 212, 184, 178, 435, 391 (too many to list)

Blue: 438 (1 Tbs Royal Blue, 1 Tsp Black, 1 Cup Water)
173 (1 Tsp Denim Blue, 1/4 Tsp Taupe, 1 Cup Water)

 Add   Pearl Grey to mute any color

Trying on T2

Type 3                              

                                                             Peacocks & Leopards                                                 

  • No black: Try reverse dye with bleach to change your black clothes into rich tones of neutrals and rusts.

How to Mix Your Own Custom Colors


143 Chile Red: 1 Tsp Tangerine, 1 Tsp Scarlet, 1/4 Tsp Cocoa Brown, 1 Cup Water
89 Shaded Orange: 1 Tsp Tangerine, 1 Tsp Sunshine Orange, 1/2 Tsp Cocoa Brown, 1 Cup Water
Shaded Yellow: 55 1/4 Tsp Purple, 1 Tbs Lemon Yellow, 1 Cup Water
Shaded Green 293: 2 Tbs Lemon Yellow, 1 1/2 Tsp Dark Green, 1 Cup Water
Shaded Blue: Evening Blue
Shaded Purple 419: 1 Tbs Navy Blue, 1 1/2 Tsp Wine, 1 Cup Water

Trying on T3

Type 4                            
                          DIY Type 4                                            

  • Saturated Black: The only type that can keep their black clothes.  In fact, you might want to dye some of it a crisper black if it has faded, such as your jeans or slacks.
  • Color palette: You can use a lot of the pure Rit Dye colors to dye some of your clothing items with more saturation.
  • You can also buy all kinds of women's clothing items in white and then dye them in your palette colors, by visiting Dharma Trading.  Actually, you can wear white too! And they sell some items in black. Examples,       3/4 Sleeve V-neckLadies Jersey Tank
  • Shoes: Redesign your shoes or spray paint them to create a more chic look.

          classic Rit colors

Trying on T4

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


Ladee Lyon said...

COOL! Thanks for referencing me! Silly me, I was at Walmart today and completely spaced looking at the dye (son's birthday tomorrow and all) even though I reminded myself on the way there. But considering the fact that during my walmart visit I got everything BUT the cake and the present, I forsee another trip in the near future. :)

SWriter said...

This is helpful

My problem is: finding shoes that are type 4 for bad feet...LOL

-deciding what to do with jewelry: I have some black pieces but they are not "high shine". I have some jewelry that is silver(but not high shine) I bought this stuff when I wanted to be a type 2. But actually am a type 4-1.

Thanks for this series. Love your site.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Changing metal is an interesting challenge. Let me know if you find ideas. And I have so many shoes that are bad for my feet. As I age, I'm going to need to wear more supportive shoes.

I also want to improve the look of this blog post. Maybe turn it into pages :)

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