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Misclassification? Mistaken? Misperception?

I want to write a post about some of what is written about some common "mistakes" that are made in viewing one season as another.  I don't really like the word mistake though.  I think it's important to remain fluid and curious.

The first pattern to always keep in mind is you may strongly identify with your secondary temperament.  You may already be living in that energy, design and colors.  You may likely be suppressing your dominant season or temperament and initially be uncomfortable with the idea that you might be that.

So start by looking at the season you think you may be and ruling out it's opposite  - or considering it!

LIGHT spring or summerDARK autumn or winterCLEAR spring or winter ,SOFT summer or autumnCOOL summer or winterWARM spring or autumn

Look at how much disagreement happens with celebrities that are analyzed online:

DISCLAIMER: please remember that draping in person is best.

Warm Springs can be interpreted as Warm Autumns easily, because these two seasons are the closest and can share the most between their palettes.  Especially if the Warm Spring is a Natural (as opposed to Ingenue or Gamine) which we tend to "throw" towards Autumn.  Also if the person is Spring/Autumn/Winter/Summer with high tertiary Winter, they will often get classified as Winter.

Light Springs and Light Summers are very hard to distinguish as well.  In part because the Light Spring will not easily identify with the extroverted aspects of Sanguine more often depicted by the Warm Spring.  The Lights can also have hair that seems like it goes with the other season, Light Spring can run ash and Light Summer can have some golden quality. I have also found some difficult overlap with Light Spring (or Warm Spring) and Soft Autumn.  Read: LIGHT

Clear/Bright/Vital Springs are the most likely to find themselves put into any of the other three seasons. They can easily be interpreted to be Winter like in nature, especially if they are Dramatic or Classic rather than Ingenue or Gamine.  This is especially true if you have dark hair with neutral skin or even leaning warm.  These types can also sometimes be mistaken for Summer as well.  They can even be mistaken for Autumn, especially if they have some Mediterranean heritage. Read: CLEAR

Cool Summer can easily be mistaken for Winter, especially if they have slightly darker hair or are brown eyed (which is rare), which we might call Jeweltone Summer.  There are several sources that say that they can even wear some black.  Some Cool Summers who are blonde, like Grace Kelly, could accidentally be placed in Light Summer due to their hair, but their skin is cooler. Read: COOL

Soft Summer should be carefully distinguished from Soft Autumn, but also can be mistakenly interpreted to be Clear/Bright Spring. Read: SOFT

Of course a Clear/Bright Winter may think they are a Clear/Bright Spring, especially if they have blonde hair (that is usually leaning towards platinum). Read: CLEAR

Cool Winter is the least "bold" of the Winters, due to their secondary Summer, thus could possibly me misconstrued as Cool Summer. Read: COOL

Dark Autumn and Dark Winter have a lot of crossover, especially since both are neutral in some way.  Dark Winter can have warm hair and cool skin, a "fire and ice" look. Read: DARK

I feel like I might have written this before?

Oh yeah, see also: Distinguishing the Seasons 

Also, can you think of any other common "mistakes"?

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

Everything you said here resonates with me strongly. Color-wise, I'm a Tawny/Warm Spring, but I find myself strongly rejecting the spring association in both personality and coloring. I'm introverted, I'm sarcastic, I'm not bubbly. Cheery pinks, candle apple reds, and mint greens feel repugnant on me. I also have always strongly associated my "essence" to be more autumnal. In fact, the essence quiz I took on your quiz list came out overwhelmingly autumn! I feel as though my true essence is an inner fire, one that motivates me independently, and if it inspires others, it does so subliminally. Color-wise, I do find that I look best in colors that overlap between Warm Spring/Warm Autumn, and I am indeed Soft Natural in the Kibbe system, and Natural+Romantic+Ethereal in the PSC system, so I suppose it makes absolutely sense that I'd be so conflicted on this system.