Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Caygill Gems

I noticed that Caygill fans have gems associated with them.  (first published 4/18/15)
See also my Jewelry collection on Polyvore and my Caygill Special Focalizers pinterest board.

Spring Gems

Spring Gems by expressingyourtruth featuring a coral bracelet

early spring (like light spring 1/2), golden spring (like warm spring 1/3), floral spring,
sandy spring, crystal spring (gray hair), vital spring (like clear or bright 1/4)
summer gems

summer gems by expressingyourtruth featuring sterling silver earrings

iridescent and rose tone summer (like light summer 2/1), platinum summer (gray hair), jeweltone summer (like cool summer more contrasted 2/4), dusk and twilight summer (like soft summer 2/3)
autumn gemns

autumn gemns by expressingyourtruth featuring turquoise jewellery

metallic autumn (like warm autumn 3/1), tawny autumn, pewter autumn (gray hair), mellow autumn (like soft autumn 3/2 in Zyla, deeper in Caygill), bronze and exotic autumn (like dark autumn 3/4)
winter gems

winter gems by expressingyourtruth featuring drop earrings
classic winter and soft winter (like cool winter 2/4), patrician winter (gray hair), dynamic winter, exotic winter, tropical winter (warm winter)

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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