Friday, April 11, 2014

Names of Seasons

Names of Seasons

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Sanguine Phlegmatic Choleric Melancholic
Primary Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Spring Absolute Spring
Pastel Spring
 Light Spring
 Early Spring
 Light Spring is Tinted Spring
Light Spring Soft is Toned Spring
Glorious Spring
Warm Spring
True Spring
Golden Spring
Floral Spring
Buoyant Spring

Tawny Spring
Shaded Spring
Striking Spring
Clear Spring
Bright Spring
Vital Spring
 Vivid Spring Contrasting Spring Mischevious Spring Pure Spring
Summer 2/1
Sunshine Summer

Light Summer 
Fair Summerlight Iridescent Summer Tinted Summer
Absolute Summer Twilight
Indian Summer 

Soft Summer 
Muted Summer
Dusky Summer Sunset Summer Twilight Summer Dusty Rose Sum Romantic Sum Renaissance Sum Tapestry Summer Tawny Summer
 Soft Summer Light is Toned Summer
 Soft Summer Deep is Shaded Summer
Moonlight Summer

Cool Summer 
 True Summer 
Classic Summer Jeweltone Summer Contrasting Summer Pure Summer
Autumn 3/1
Golden Autumn Warm Autumn
 True Autumn
 High Autumn
 Pure Autumn
Gentle Autumn
 Soft Autumn 

 Muted Autumn Mellow Autumn Gamine Autumn
Tawny Autumn
 Soft Autumn Light is Tinted Autumn
 Soft Autumn Deep is Toned Autumn
Absolute Autumn Firelight 3/4
Striking Autumn 

Deep Autumn 
 Dark Autumn
Metallic Autumn
Bronze Autumn
Spicy Autumn
Copper Autumn Contrasting Autumn Shaded Autumn
Winter 4/1
Firelight Winter 

Clear Winter
 Bright Winter Contrasting Winter Dynamic Winter

Playful Winter 
 Pure Winter
Snowfrost Winter

Cool Winter
 True Winter
 Classic Winter
 Soft Winter

Patrician Winter
Tinted Winter
Sunset Winter
Deep Winter
 Dark Winter
 Exotic Winter

Antique Winter
Vivid Winter
 Shaded Winter

 Deep Winter Soft is Toned Winter
Absolute Winter Moonlight

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