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Concave vs. Convex Profile (updated)

A huge indicator of temperament is the side angle profile and the nose!

"The marks of the convex are the forehead prominent at the brows, sloping back as it rises. Eyes full and prominent. Nose long, high in the bridge, and curving outward from root to tip. Mouth prominent, lips pushed outward, the chin receding, or sloping backward toward the throat. Convex traits: Quickness of thought and action, practical, keen observer, interested in facts, ready in speech. Energy is the keynote, impatient, impulsive, short endurance. This is the keen, quick, practical, impulsive person, the worker.

The concave marks are, the forehead prominent above and flat at the brows. Chin prominent at the point, sloping inward towards the lips. The eyes are deep-set, hose short, low in the bridge, curving inward from root to tip. The mouth recedes. Concave traits: Slowness of action and thought and speech, great endurance. Interested in theories, meditative, absent minded, philosophizes about everything, mild, moderate energy, patient, determined, impractical, staunch, dependable. They are the calm, deliberate, good natured, theoretical types, the thinkers."


Does that make Drew Barrymore a Phlegmatic Type 2?

"Concave: The people with concave profile type have a prominent forehead, almost flat eyebrows, smaller and straight or slightly inward curved or bent nose. They have a flat mouth and well-formed chin that has an outward curve. These people are thought to be good-natured and patient lot. They tend to judge over things intentionally. "

"Convex: The person with the convex profile types have a sloping forehead, slightly prominent brows and a large nose that is slightly curved. They also have a receding chin shape. These people come under the category of hard-headed people who have a demanding nature and an impatient streak."


Barbra Streisand Type 3                       Prince Charles

"the choleric and sanguine types have convex facial profiles, but the melancholic and phlegmatic have concave profiles.http://face-and-emotion.com/dataface/physiognomy/practice.jsp

T1 Sanguine and T3 Choleric have convex profiles, 
while the T2 Phlegmatic and T4 Melancholic have yin concave profiles.

T1 Sanguine have slightly upturned straight noses, 
T3 Cholerics have Hawk or Roman noses,
T2 Phlegmatics have button noses or slightly downward turning,
T4 Melancholics have straight Grecian noses, with slight downturn.

So T1 Sanguine and T3 Cholerics should have convex yang profiles, while T2 Phlegmatic and T4 Melancholic should have concave yin profiles.

Spring and Autumn profiles (convex)

Summer and Winter profiles (concave)

concave profile 
Princess Di concave profile

Prince Charles convex profile

convex profile
"[Someone] I saw this girl on TV a few days ago who had a perfectly straight profile. It was really stunning. I decided to photoshop her picture to be concave and convex. I discovered in the process that I really prefer convex, even above the "artistic ideal" of the straight/balanced face. "
a. concave (type 2), b. straight (type 4), c. convex (type 1)


pinterest board of noses

The Celestial: Carey Mulligan’s turned-up shape is a beauty (could be a Sanguine nose or possibly Phlegmatic according to Greek's)

Turned up

Description: Lightly convex side profile, with tip turned up.
Example: Marilyn Monroe
Supposed personality: Supposed personality: Nurturing, loving and supportive. Enjoys new experiences.

The hawk (or aquiline or Roman): Barbra Streisands sharp profile is unattractive to some. (Apollonic Choleric or possibly Saturnine Sanguine)


Description: Strongly convex profile. Thin and sharp.
Example: John Lennon
Supposed personality: Individual, perhaps rebellious.

Grecian Nose--the straight nose bridge of the Melancholic or T4.


Description: Straight profile.
Example: Admiral Lord Nelson
Supposed personality: Logical, cool, rational. Matter-of-fact and straightforward.

The Roman: With a sloping tip, Tom Cruise’s shows ambition (less straight than a Grecian nose) (Apollonic Choleric or Saturnine Sanguine), note that the Hawk of Barbara Streisand could also be called Roman


Description: Convex in profile, like a hook. Also known as 'aquiline' (eagle-like).
Example: Abraham Lincoln
Supposed personality: Measured, thoughtful. Influencing. Organisers.

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alittleflower said...

Hi! I love your blog and read it quite often! I've been doing DYT for almost a year--but it's been quite a rocky relationship. I have a very straight profile, like the melancholy/Type 4, a circular face like a Sanguine/Type 1--but have very delicate, blended coloring and a very Type 2/Type 4 kind of personality. I'm a Soft Summer in the seasons systems and really like the colors and the personality fits. I've tried doing the Type 4 style and the colors just are too strong for me. I'd love to be able to go with one system--but I don't seem to fit into any one of them. It seems like Type 2 and Type 4 gets really ambiguous--I see self-described Type 4s who look like 2s and Type2s who look like Type 4s. I'm confused by it.

SWriter said...

Wow. I love your blog. You really dig deep and show that this is more than a surface game. I was particularly touched by this post and also the post you did on the "bold" topic for type 4's. Something I notice as a type 4 is this: For some reason the term "stunning" in reference to beauty bothers me. I've seen stunning people of all types. I believe the intention was to say that type 4's have a look that stands out. I'm not sure what a good term is for this: but stunning for some reason seems to suggest that type 4's are more attractive than other types: and I take issue with that. I believe that is why many people are either gung ho or have reservations about being a type 4. Some would like to think they are more "beautiful" than others and then there are those who may be aware that they stand out but that doesn't necessarily mean they are stunning beauties.
So I looked up "stunning" and the definition online says this:
Of a strikingly attractive appearance.
See that "attractive" word...mmmm
Anyway, hope you see this comment. I like your blog except it's rare that you comment back so I believe that could make some people reluctant to post. What was your intention? Do you want comments or do you prefer not to get them? or, do you like getting them so you can do posts in response? If you have time, could you comment on this so your intention is clear. That way, I know whether to waste time commenting or not. Thanks for your work on the blog.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

I always reply to commenters, just not always here because I don't know if it alerts them that I have replied, so I often try to find their email or blog and respond privately. I have responded to some comments as posts: http://expressingyourtruth.blogspot.com/search/label/reader%20comment

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with you about the girl on tv. the b picture is the most beautiful.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I actually avoid side profiles of my face my forehead is outward, my eyebrows are pushed outward like a caveman and my nose slopes down and it's small I got called pudgy by my family and my top lip is longer than my bottom so it kinda hangs over the bottom and my chin well I don't have one it's just lip and neck i enjoyed reading this although it kinda just made me feel insecure about the fact I can't change my face not because of what people think I should look like but because I want that confident boost an for people to stop teasing me about the side view of my face