Sunday, July 8, 2012


T1 Sanguine (air): Energetic and party-loving and emotionally dominant- Dionysian, SP
T2 Phlegmatic (water): Entertaining and emotionally subtle-Appolonian, NF
T3 Choleric (fire): Investigative, thought-provocative, and intellectually dominant-Promethan, NT
T4 Melancholic (earth): Traditional, and intellectually subtle-Epimethean, SJ

absolute spring SP, EP
1/2 - E S F P -
1/3 - E N F P -
1/4 - E S T P - 4 would be thinking or ESFJ 4 bringing J

absolute summer NF, IP *
2/1 - I N F P -
2/3 - I N F J - or INTJ
2/4 - I N T J -  or INTP?


absolute autumn NT, EJ
3/1 - E N T P - the 1 brings P or ESTJ 1 bringing S
3/2 - E N F J (or INFJ) (or INFP) - the 2 brings F
3/4 - E N T J (or INFJ)

absolute winter SJ, IJ
4/1 - I S F P - the 1 brings P
4/2 - I S F J - the 2 brings F or INFJ 2 bringing N
4/3 - I S T J - the 3 brings T or ISTP?
That leaves INTP, ISTP, ESTJ, ESFJ. (placed with ?)


Jeanine Byers said...

Combining this list, with my transition in recent years from INFJ to INFP, and your comment that my son's T1 influences me, I think it tells a story about the impact of becoming a mother, especially with a T1 son.

Rachel R. said...

Interesting. As a Bright Spring, T1/4 (self-assessed on both counts), I'm an ESTJ, bordering on ESTP. (And with a super-strong dose of I, as well - like 49% I, 51% E lol.)

So I fit fairly well into your list - but you mention that that the T4 adds T/J. Perhaps a strong dose of T4 can add both?

Thursday's Child said...

Hrmm... lots of good thoughts but I think they are completely different systems - energy vs personality. My sister is a type 4/1 and an ENFJ! I am a 2/4 INFJ. So to me, this doesn't stick.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Yes, very true! I added a link to my post that this whole correlation is a rabbit hole.

rbuffington said...

There are multiple places where DYT and MBTI types are combined, but I like this one best. I am a 2/3 (if I also add seasonal color analysis to it because I am a soft summer deep) and my husband is a 3/1. I am an INFJ and he is an ENTP. This one works for us at least. Thanks for your rabbit holes.

Jane Leu Rekas said...


Unknown said...

Hi Jane. Love your blog...and this one has me doing a double take. I teach others about MBTI based type and the different personality lenses of type...and I've not (yet) found a correlation between type and seasonal color analysis, including DYT. There are some contradictions in the seasonal descriptions that wouldn't really clearly indicate groups of types aligning into each of the seasons that I've seen (yet) I'll keep looking, and as you stated, crossing systems can be a rabbit hole. You might look at the Interaction Styles type lens and/or the Communication Styles type lens - there may be more similarity there. The Four Humors (Sanguine, etc.) and Keirsey's 4 Temperaments (SP, NF, NT, SJ) don't align 100% there's murky water from the start.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Yes, Chris, thanks for your comments and suggestions! Follow the link through to the rabbit hole post and let me know what you think there too.

Shawna McComber said...

I have a really difficult time buying that physical appearance-lines and colours-can actually be related to your personality traits, but they probably influence how others perceive you. I suspect that those who think the appearance/personality correlation is perfect have a religious streak to their thinking, ie-the creator made you this way so it all goes together according to plan. I am an INFJ, Soft Autumn, probably a 3/2 in DYT though that's going by appearance. I would argue that my personality is 2/3. None of the DYT colour cards are a perfect fit but I think that is one of the system's biggest weaknesses. I'd swear she was just winging it when she put those palettes together. I cant' figure out my Zyla type and even Kibbe is difficult though some sort of combo of Flamboyant Natural and Soft Natural feels like a good fit.

GlowWorm said...

I'm a type 4/1 and and INFP. I think my personality is why the type 4 colors often feel too intense and draw more attention to me than I am comfortable with. Yet when I try other color systems, like Irene Riter's (who I found because of you, thank you!) then my clothing is drab and boring. So I'm back to trying dressing my truth again, but trying to use Irene's principles to soften it and make it a bit more sophisticated than DYT.

candlelight said...

Thought T1 were NF, T2 SF, T3 ST, and T4 NT. Way off!