Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Eyes Have It

first posted 7/3/11: The Eyes Have It

This is horribly simplistic:

Clear & Bright: Blue, Green, or hazel……you are probably a Clear Spring, Clear Winter or a Light Spring

Cool & Soft: grey or blue…….you are probably one of the 3 Summers

Warm & Golden: Brown, topaz, Hazel or green.You are probably a Warm Spring or Warm Autumn

Soft & Muddy: Hazel or Turquoise…you are probably a Soft Summer or Soft Autumn

I always say my eyes are blue, but they're really green I guess. 
I guess they are soft and muddy, which made me think I'm a Soft Summer,
but I decided later that I'm more likely a Cool Summer.  And still later I'm thinking I am Cool Winter with Summer eyes.

update 5/11/15:
I have been analyzed as a Patrician Winter with Summer eyes "Eucalyptus Green."

Please do not comment on my eyes or type, as I've done my own exhaustive searched, documented here.

"Just look on a color wheel and find the shade that's opposite your natural eye color - this tone will make your orbs look their brightest," said Carmindy.

In Aniston's case, since red is opposite green on the color wheel, any shade with a reddish tone in it -- like a copper, orange or a warm, plummy purple -- will help bring out the green tones in blue eyes, giving them a more aqua cast.
here a purple eye shadow makes my eyes look brighter green


Jeanine Byers said...

One thing we know for sure, based on what I've read of late, is that you can wear every single color you can find in your eye.

But I am guessing they need to match, which would suggest they'd need to be soft and muted. You sure you're not a soft summer?

Your eye looks almost exactly like that one!! Only softer and more muted.

Your eyes are beautiful, though! LOVE their colors.

Lorna said...

I agree, you look quite soft summer, but they say until you've done the draping... as it's not about eye colour, but skin tone. My eye is soft and cool (from above pic), but my skin tone is soft and warm, so that's what looks best on me. Happy Birthday for next week! lol Cute puppy dog!

Unknown said...

soft autumn, your eye have the lymphatic rosary and the autumn pattern.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

As I have told you, my eyes are Summer and I am Winter.