Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On color

Miss Cranky-Pants here.  Gotta say that while I can wear the T4 colors and often do, some of them are fugly.  I will try them out, but I'm also going to try the electric and ice versions.

Now I found another system that is an off shoot of the 4 Seasons, in which I am supposedly a Winter.  But in this new system there are 12 types.  Three versions of each Season.

But in this system I may be a Soft Summer (according to my eyes and hair):

my eyes are technically blue, but have orange flecks


I'm definitely cool, thinking I was Winter, and the other cool season is Summer.

Soft Summer
Dominant Characteristic is SOFT
Neutral look—not noticeably warm or cool
Hair is often ‘mousy’ with no natural highlights
Can have a heavy velvety look to them, which often
Gets mistaken for a winter.

here are Soft Summer colors:

summer colors

here are all 12:

Here is the breakdown of color analysis correlations:

1/3 Warm Spring
1/2 Light Spring
1/4 Clear Spring

2/4 Cool Summer
2/1 Light Summer
2/3 Soft Summer

3/1 Warm Autumn
3/4 Deep Autumn
3/2 Soft Autumn

4/2 Cool Winter
4/3 Deep Winter
4/1 Clear Winter

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Jeanine Byers said...


It can all be quite confusing! Especially for those of us who are type twos who get lost in the details.

I think soft summer suits you.