Friday, May 1, 2015

Full Hourglass in the Styles

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Hourglass is a body shape included in the McJimsey style categories, but here we will focus on the Full Hourglass in addition to the Neat Hourglass.  So what modifications would be necessary if the rest of your features indicate one of these dominant styles.  I am focusing on the plus sized apple.

Full Hourglass (or Hourglass Plus Size)
"You are a full hourglass if you are size 11 (i.e., a size 12 and larger) and are shorter than the average height, approximately 5'5'' or shorter. Your breasts fit into bras lager than 36C - example: 36D, 36DD, 38D, 38DD; and you have hips of equal circumference. Also, unlike the neat hourglass figure, the full hourglass figure is much rounder at the bust and hips with bigger thighs and more bubbly looking."

 Neat Hourglass
"You are a neat hourglass if you are under a size 10 (i.e., a size 8 and smaller) and are average to tall in height, approximately 5'6" tall. Another indicator of a neat hourglass figure is wearing a 36C bra with the bust congruent to the hips. Also, another thing I have noticed visually is that the neat hourglass figure is much more toned."

Full Hourglass does Dramatic

Full Hourglass does Natural

Full Hourglass does Classic

Full Hourglass does Romantic

Full Hourglass does Romantic by expressingyourtruth featuring Betsey Johnson

Note: McJimsey puts the Hourglass into Romantic category and the petite hourglass into the Ingenue category

Full Hourglass does Ingenue

Full Hourglass does Gamine

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Rebecca said...

And here is where I fall apart on the whole McJimsey/Kibbe/Etc categorization. Those categories (and the questions that lead to them) have questions about body shape, suggesting that it is very hard, fo example, to be a full hourglass AND a Gamine or Natural. I can't reconcile the types. Hourglass gets typed specifically as Romantic; gamines are petite, naturals are athletic builds, etc. I just cannot wrap my head around how these systems mesh together.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Hi Rebecca, I guess I will go into these posts and make this clarification, but I think that the answer has to do with inner vs. outer lines. So outer lines comes from your body shape and determine your garment design lines. So what I've done here is to show what is possible and what needs to be changed for these. The inner lines come from your facial features and personality and they determine your accessories basically.