Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Type to Type Rabbit Hole

I have tried so many ways of correlating MBTI.
It's a rabbit hole...

Type 1 EP, Type 2 IP mostly, Type 3 EJ, Type 4 IJ mostly

The graph below is a summary of nearly a dozen ways to correlate MBTI to the four humors that I have collected in previous posts.


1. Ken Voges is the originator in associating DISC behavior styles with Biblical
2. Association of the DISC behavior styles with Biblical characters; Understanding How
   Others Misunderstand You, 
Ken Voges & Ron Braund, Moody Press, Chicago, © 1994.
3. Cross reference of Myers-Briggs to DISC: Roger Fritz, Combined Application of the
     Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Personal Profile System, Learning
     Volume 1, Number 3, © Carlson Learning Company, 1991.

I'm pretty sure this correlation is wrong.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


Unknown said...

Jane, I love Kristi Burn's book on temperaments so I'm curious to know about the possible MBTI correlations with her book that you have in the chart. Did Kristi speak on this?
Also was wondering about your thoughts on Jennifer Butler having warm skin and eyes but being a winter?

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Hi Anita, I will have to look into the question re: Kristi's book. As for Winters having warm eyes, they absolutely can because often it shows our secondary. I would guess that her skin is neutral. Her hair also is quite Winter. The Cool Winter is the only winter that is completely cool. The Bright and Dark Winters are either neutral or combinations of cool and warm.

Unknown said...

Interesting about the secondary influence in eyes. I remember on one of her videos she talked about her skin being a warmer peach color but I definitely see her as a winter - especially when her hair was dark in younger years.