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Saturday, February 27, 2016
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Rudolf Steiner Color History Timeline 

  • "Steiner defended Goethe's qualitative description of color as arising synthetically from the polarity of light and darkness, in contrast to Newton's particle-based and analytic conception. Steiner documented Goethe's success in documenting the evolutionary and transformational aspects of plants and celebrated Goethe's appreciation of plant archetypes (Urpflanze). Steiner speculated Goethe had sought, but been unable to find altogether, a corresponding metaphorphosis in animal biology.[61] He emphasized the role of evolutionary thinking in Goethe's discovery of the intermaxillary bone in human beings; Goethe expected human anatomy to be an evolutionary transformation of animal anatomy."

  • The Temperaments and the Adult Child Relationship

     "You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do, and not who you are."
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    "You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do, and not who you are."
    b. Feb 25, 1861, Kraljevica, (northeastern) Croatia; died 1925.
    "Rudolph Steiner is a fascinating and influential figure of Western cultural and spiritual history. His explorations, work and writings span nearly every area of human endeavor, - and are united together by his relentless quest for integration and for holism.
    In a certain sense, he is the original New Age and post-Renaissance -man, seeking the unified connection of all things. In another sense - he is decidedly not like the current day watered down derivative versions that have acquired the name "New Age" whose thinking, values art, and music can border on the juvenile and fantastical.
    His insistence on the imagination as prime and imperative in education led to the establishment of the Waldorf school movement whose current themes directly echo his tenets. The movement Anthroposophy grew out of his initial association with Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical movement and found its own voice in its allegiance to European roots and expressions in contrast to Hindu Indian traditions and teachings.
    He did not accept Madame B's assertion of Krishnamurti as the coming World Teacher... Krishnamurti did not accept it either, and in that regard Steiner and K were bonded.
    Biodynamic farming - now an international movement founded on a return to holism originated with Steiner, as did the performing and movement arts practice called Euryrthmy.
    Steiner was closely bonded to Johann Goethe's holistic approach to science and observation, and based on that affinity opened an architecturally compelling cultural center called the Goetheanum.
    In our times, spiritual teacher and explorer Samuel Sagan draws significantly from the works and example of Steiner in his expression of Western esotericism.
    I wonder what he did for fun, outside of all this inquiry and spiritual entrepreneurship? Table Tennis?"

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    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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    Sunday, February 21, 2016
    multidimensional, integrative analysis case example: JLo

    Jennifer Lopez

    JLo is most likely an Autumn, if you go by what most analysts say*.  She is Puerto Rican, which is classified as Western Mediterranean Winter by Smith, but that's a Tangent.  Could she have some Summer in her and be a Soft Summer or Soft Autumn, or Jeweltone Summer?

    Here's what I think is going on.  She is actually a blend of Romantic and Natural (mostly in her coloring), which is most often associated with Autumn (color) and Summer (style), but it can get flipped as well.

    What would be her style Outer and Inner lines, in McJimsey? (I don't use Kibbe).

    This is how I would score her: 46% Romantic, 31% Natural, and 8% each of Dramatic, Classic and Ingenue.
    Dramatic/ TheatricalNatural/ RelaxedExuberant/ Lively/ GamineClassical/ TraditionalRomantic/ SensualYouthful/ Playful/ IngenueAngelic/ Ethereal

    Romantic Natural - "Bohemian" is also Romantic with Natural - you may minimize your sensitivity in an effort to be casual, larger yang build but feminine features, keep clothing in scale with your size, follow Romantic guidelines in fabrics, that are comfortable, like velvet, soft woolens and cashmere, avoid tiny details

    Outer Lines:  Romantic with Dramatic (or Natural for height?)
    e- Romantic: Average 5'4"-5'7" (she is 5'5", which could also be Natural, Classic or even Gamine)
    e- Romantic: hourglass figure, pear-shaped figure, long legged, slight fleshy, mature, average height to short
    a- Dramatic: stands fashion model straight, erect or stiff, carries weight back on heels, chin slightly elevated (but I think this is by choice and certainly not by height)

    Inner Lines: mostly Romantic, small amount of Classic, Natural and Ingenue
    d- Classic: oval,symmetrical features
    e- Romantic: large; melting, luminous or "smoldering" expression; long lashes, alluring, bedroom-y b- Natural: straight; natural; heavy or dark
    f- Ingenue: small, dainty, fine boned, often button-tipped; upward tilted
    e- Romantic: full, curved lips; lips appear slightly parted
    e- Romantic: long; soft curls or waves, feminine styles; parted on the side rather than the middle, cascading; partly covers one eye or side of the face; short feather cut, soft bounce, never straight or stringy, loose strands or ringlets
    e- Romantic: skin has a "glowing" and rich quality (any season)

    Coloring: Natural
    b- Natural: dark; medium brown or auburn; with age turns salt and pepper or gray; more thick than fine
    b- Natural: freckled; tanned; natural-looking; ivory; mahogany
    b- Natural: warm brown light or dark; hazel; warm green

    Natural use of Coloring no matter what the season.

    ash blonde        summer makeup         dark brown

    warm              autumn makeup              dark 


    She actually presents herself as Soft Autumn, in the original.  The rest are all Taaz makeovers.  She can support and ash blonde, upper left, and her original hair color is actually closer to dark brown, upper right, thought I don't think she can really do Summer makeup.  She can also go to reds for Warm/True Autumn, at lease in hair and makeup. And she can do a Dark Autumn look also.

    Look through her many looks on my pinboard:

    Her eyes certainly support Autumn, though it could be her secondary.

    Zyla gives brown eyes to Jeweltone Summer, 
    but Caygill gives them to Dusky or Twilight Summer, btw.

    face shape


    *Most everyone says Autumn of some variety, True/Warm or Deep/Dark:
    Jennifer Lopez True/Warm AutumnCardigan Empire
    Jennifer Lopez Deep/Dark AutumnPretty Your World
    Jennifer Lopez AutumnGlowing Color
    Jennifer Lopez True/Warm AutumnSeasonal Color Analysis for Women of Color
    Jennifer LopezAutumnMorgan Delaney
    Jennifer LopezAutumnGlowing Color
    Jennifer LopezDeep/Dark Autumn30 Something urban girl
    Jennifer LopezAutumnAura Image Consulting
    Jennifer LopezAutumnVivendi Fashionista
    Jennifer LopezAutumnMorgan Delaney
    Jennifer LopezTone IIIIlluminEssensce

    If you would like a personal consult, please email me images to use for comparison for the categories of the questions provided in the reference section below. Please make sure that the pics are large enough to aid in evaluation.

    Note: I have removed Angelic upon request from PSC.

    $25.00 Style Consult Guide sample


    hire me: I do CMAS and Color Profiles virtual analysis

    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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    Saturday, February 20, 2016
    What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

    Favorite Color

    "Arenas of Personality Theory
    Barbara Engler, author of Personality Theories, describes the study of personality as coming from two approaches, academic psychology and clinical practice. Engler explains that studying personality through academia involves uncovering correlations and general principles of personality through research and experiments. On the other hand, clinical practice involves studying personality through research of individuals and their case histories, often in an office setting.
    According to author and psychology expert Kendra Cherry in an article for, there are four primary schools of personality theory:
    • The humanistic perspective: “Focuses on psychological growth, free will and personal awareness.”
    • The social cognitive perspective: “Emphasizes the importance of observational learning, self-efficacy, situational influences and cognitive processes.”
    • The trait perspective: Focuses on “identifying, describing and measuring the specific traits that make up human personality.”
    • The psychoanalytic perspective: Emphasizes the importance of early childhood experiences and the unconscious mind."
    hire me: I do CMAS and Color Profiles virtual analysis

    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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    Thursday, February 11, 2016
    Your Season Reds

    These are excerpts from my Body Color Guide, which shows the red strips in the four CMAS seasonal fans and the colors that Suzanne Caygill indicates are base paint pigments for various reds, corals and pinks for the seasons.

    Scarlet Lake is one color in the skin tone of Glorious Springs, acc. to Caygill.

    Geranium Lake is one color in the skin tone of Floral Springs, acc. to Caygill.

    Red Vermillion and Alizarin Crimson are colors in the skin tone of Vital Springs, acc. to Caygill.

    Rose Madder is one color in the skin tone of Jeweltone and Rosetone Summer and Iridescent Summer, acc. to Caygill.  (And interestingly it is found in the hair for Twilight & Dusky Summer).
    Carmine Red is another color in the skin tone of Iridescent Summers, acc. to Caygill.

    Red Vermillion is one color in the skin tone of Bronze & Mellow Autumns, acc. to Caygill.

    Cadmium Red, Red Vermillion and Alizarin Crimson are colors in the skin tone of Dynamic and Exotic Winters, acc. to Caygill.

    hire me: I do CMAS and Color Profiles virtual analysis

    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
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    Four Types and MBTI Interaction Styles

    I had a very interesting comment

    Chris commented on post "MBTI & DYT

    "Hi Jane. Love your blog...and this one has me doing a double take. I teach others about MBTI based type and the different personality lenses of type...and I've not (yet) found a correlation between type and seasonal color analysis, including DYT. There are some contradictions in the seasonal descriptions that wouldn't really clearly indicate groups of types aligning into each of the seasons that I've seen (yet) I'll keep looking, and as you stated, crossing systems can be a rabbit hole. You might look at the Interaction Styles type lens and/or the Communication Styles type lens - there may be more similarity there. The Four Humors (Sanguine, etc.) and Keirsey's 4 Temperaments (SP, NF, NT, SJ) don't align 100% there's murky water from the start." 

    So here's a look at the MBTI types by Interaction Style:
    Interaction Styles and the 16 Personality Types

    The theme is having a course of action to follow. People of this style focus on knowing what to do and keeping themselves, the group, or the project on track. They prefer to enter a situation having an idea of what is to happen. They identify a process to accomplish a goal and have a somewhat contained tension as they work to create and monitor a plan. The aim is not the plan itself, but to use it as a guide to move things along toward the goal. Their informed and deliberate decisions are based on analyzing, outlining, conceptualizing or foreseeing what needs to be done.
    The theme is getting the best result possible. People of this style focus on understanding and working with the process to create a positive outcome. They see value in many contributions and consult outside inputs to make an informed decision. They aim to integrate various information sources and accommodate differing points of view. They approach others with a quiet, calm style that may not show their strong convictions. Producing, sustaining, defining, and clarifying are all ways they support a group's process. They typically have more patience than most with the time it takes to gain support through consensus for a project or to refine the result.
    The theme is getting things accomplished through people. People of this style are focused on results, often taking action quickly. They often have a driving energy with an intention to lead a group to the goal. They make decisions quickly to keep themselves and others on task, on target, and on time. They hate wasting time and having to back track. Mentoring, executing actions, supervising, and mobilizing resources are all ways they get things accomplished. They notice right away what is not working in a situation and become painfully aware of what needs to be fixed, healed, or corrected.
    The theme is persuading and involving others. They thrive in facilitator or catalyst roles and aim to inspire others to move to action, facilitating the process. Their focus is on interaction, often with an expressive style. They Get-Things-Going™ with upbeat energy, enthusiasm, or excitement, which can be contagious. Exploring options and possibilities, making preparations, discovering new ideas, and sharing insights are all ways they get people moving along. They want decisions to be participative and enthusiastic, with everyone involved and engaged.

    Let's see if that fits any other correlations from my rabbit hole summary. (nope)

    My correlations of Interaction Style (above)
    Get-things-Going: T1 I  ENFP, ESFJ, ENTP, ESFP
    Behind-the-Scenes: T2 S  INFP, INTP, ISFJ, ISFP
    In-Charge: T3 D ENFJ, ENTJ, ESTJ, ESTP
    Chart-the-Course: T4 C INFJ, INTJ, ISTJ, ISTP

    It almost fits this one:

    Cognitive Function (below) almost fits Interaction Styles (earlier)
    T1 ExxP (ESFJ T3 instead?)
    T2 IxxP (ISFJ T4 instead?)
    T3 ExxJ (ESTP T1 instead?)
    T4 IxxJ (ISTP T2 instead?)

    hire me: I do CMAS and Color Profiles virtual analysis

    ... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane
    check out all my spinoff blogs in column to the left, view web version first

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